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Apply the capital gains tax fairly on the yield obtained

The inequality between wealthy and employees is growing. Thomas Piketty provides in his two books an extensive analysis of how the difference between rich and poor is getting bigger and what the disadvantages are. This is not only due to the difference in assets and the differences in deductions for companies, but also due to the ability to grow assets almost untaxed. It shouldn’t really matter why you get richer, you should always pay tax on the benefit you get when it gets more. If we don’t, we should also be questioning income tax. That is why the capital gains tax should also be improved. Not based on a fictitious return but on an actual return. And not only the return through interest or profit distribution, but also the return through increased value of things that have been sold.
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Make income tax and profit taxation comparable!

Over time, tax law has grown into a stronghold with different routes and associated different tax rates and deductions. This means that inequality has crept into the system, which, according to Piketty, is also causing inequality in society to grow. In my opinion, it should not matter through which route a euro arrives at a private person, the percentage of tax paid on it should be the same. The essence must be, if you have earned something from the Nederlands, you give the same percentage to the State as the others who earned something from it. Paying a lot of tax thus gives the status of having a lot of earnings. It makes a big difference whether you contribute almost 50% tax on every extra euro, or just under 40%. At the moment, it is mainly the shareholders of multinationals who have been given ways to not only have an even lower tax rate, but even avoid it. What is actually stopping us from making the Netherlands a bit more thorough?
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