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Split the supply of energy from the provision of charging stations

Electric cars are better for the environment, even if the car is charged with gray electricity. For the climate, we should therefore want all new cars to be electric in the long term. Then we just have to make sure that everyone can also charge the car. Let the customer ask his energy supplier from home for a fuel card with his home rates. He can then charge his car at the nearest charging station and therefore simply park near his home or work and charge it at a normal price. The provider of the charging stations must receive a fair reimbursement for the service via a fixed maximum surcharge per kWh and thus earn back the investment in the long term. The normal user benefits most from a charging station at every parking space. And the chance of this is greatest if we leave it to the municipalities to set that standard. In short, apply the private energy market to public charging station facilities and make electric driving attractive for everyone!
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