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The basic income can be initiated affordably

€ 1,500 net per month unconditional for everyone. This is how high a basic income should be in the Netherlands. With this, for example, a two-person household can manage on their joint basic income of € 3,000 per month. This with minimal expenses and a rent of € 1,000 per month in the free sector. The way to cover this has now been found and involves closing loopholes and disallowing certain tax benefits from companies. This means that the tax that is levied on all other income, without further deductions such as mortgage interest deduction and labor discounts, can be set at 55%. That 55% is a percentage that can then always be used, without having to go down for low amounts and up for high amounts. With a tax-free basic income for everyone. 55% is a percentage with which it still pays to work more and to do more business. After all, it is only slightly higher than the current highest income tax rate. So of everything you earn on top of the basic income, 45% is unconditionally yours.
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Apply the capital gains tax fairly on the yield obtained

The inequality between wealthy and employees is growing. Thomas Piketty provides in his two books an extensive analysis of how the difference between rich and poor is getting bigger and what the disadvantages are. This is not only due to the difference in assets and the differences in deductions for companies, but also due to the ability to grow assets almost untaxed. It shouldn’t really matter why you get richer, you should always pay tax on the benefit you get when it gets more. If we don’t, we should also be questioning income tax. That is why the capital gains tax should also be improved. Not based on a fictitious return but on an actual return. And not only the return through interest or profit distribution, but also the return through increased value of things that have been sold.
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